Lucy Morton is an British designer and bespoke jewellery maker based in Ibiza.

The collection is inspired by the Mediterranean vibe of the Balearic island she calls home. She creates modern day heirlooms to remind us of the raw beauty of nature. Using the ancient technique of lost wax carving to produce pieces unique to her style. Working in sterling silver and gold and combining it with precious stones her designs are fun, tactile and imperfectly perfect.

With no formal training she channelled her creative eye into making shiny objects. With the help of a master craftswoman she was able to develop her skills and so in 2016 Lucy Morton the brand was born.

"The island has so many layers of inspiration, it's a creative melting pot of ideas,  rugged landscapes and an eclectic mix of people. Transforming this into jewellery felt natural for me."

Lucy wanted to create a brand that is truly rooted in everyday life, pieces of jewellery that can be worn now and in many moons from now. Each piece can tell its individual story to be worn, loved and passed on.